Tell commissioners to protect wetlands, and don’t adopt this plan amendment

Lee Future urges readers to send the following to Lee County commissioners before the Wednesday, December 18 hearing:

We oppose Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2019-00001 which allows for non-residential impacts on wetlands. We ask that you not adopt this amendment because it will open up wetlands to non-residential development in a manner currently prohibited by the Lee Plan.

In May, at the time of transmittal, staff was directed to work with stakeholders to come up with alternatives that would not incentivize impacting wetlands. Unfortunately, the originally submitted language that opens up wetlands to rampant unchecked development is still part of this adoption. The Transfer of Development Rights program presented by staff is not sufficient to protect wetlands from encroachment and development. As such, we cannot support or recommend adoption of this amendment as it will cause irreparable harm to Lee County.

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