Attend the August 21st Hearing on Troyer Brothers Mine Proposal

On Wednesday, August 21st, the Lee County Board of Commissioners will hold a hearing to consider three items related to the Troyer Brothers Mine Proposal.

3 Items Under Consideration

The first two items under consideration are Comp Plan amendments needed to approve the rezoning request. These are considered legislative actions (not quasi-judicial actions), so anyone can testify at the Comp Plan hearings.

The third item is the rezoning. The only people who can speak at this hearing are those who testified at the Hearing Examiner Hearing. The 40 people who spoke at this hearing will be allowed to speak again.

You can find the Comp Plan amendments related to the Troyer Brothers Mine on the Lee County website (see p.109-146).

Your action is requested!

Here’s what you can do for the August 21st hearings:

1. Speak at the Rezoning Hearing

If you were one of the 40 people who testified at the Hearing Examiner Hearing on the Troyer Brothers Mine rezoning request, please attend and speak at the August 21st hearing as well.

2. Speak on the Comp Plan Amendments

If you are someone who cannot speak on the rezoning request, you can attend the August 21st hearing and speak to the Comp Plan amendments related to the Troyer Brothers Mine. (Review the written language of the amendments for preparing your remarks.)

3. Contact Your County Commissioners

Urge the new County Commissioner Sandelli to oppose these requests. You can contact Commissioner Sandelli at or (239) 533-2223.

Encourage Commissioner Pendergrass to live up to his comments at the June 27th forum on limerock mining in Lee County hosted by the Estero Republican Club. As stated in an article by Naples Daily News, “Lee County Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass attempted to reassure residents of Estero and surrounding communities that he would be against the approval of lime rock mines that would be too close to homes in east Lee County.”

You can contact Commissioner Pendergrass at or (239) 533-2227. The contact information for the entire BoCC is on the Lee County Staff Directory.

4. Become a Part of the Lee Future Network

We need your help in our mission to create a better future for all Lee County residents. Alone, our voices are being silenced and ignored by many of our County Commissioners. But, if we come together, we can create a higher quality of life for ourselves, our community, and future generations.

Help us engage and educate as many Lee County residents as possible by inviting your friends, family, and neighbors to become a Lee Future Subscriber and be kept fully informed about how the ongoing changes in Lee County policy will impact our future quality of life.

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EDIT: On August 19, Peter Cangialosi of eYes on Conservation 20/20 Coalition emailed a letter to the Lee County Board of Commissioners urging them not to approve the request for rezoning. Click here to read the letter.

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