Nick Batos Announces Candidacy for Lee County Board of County Commissioners

One of the goals of Lee Future is to encourage residents who share our concerns and beliefs to run for public office. Therefore, we are encouraged when a candidate with the qualifications and positions as strong as Nick Batos step up to seek county positions of power. Only leaders who are free from the grip of special interests and who seek to serve the residents, visitors and businesses of Lee County first will be able to enact the change Lee Future sees as crucial to the future of our county.
Lee Future wants to share Batos’ announcement of his bid to seek the District 3 seat on the Lee County Commission, and we encourage others ready to work for a better future for Lee County to both support Batos and follow his lead in seeking to serve the citizens of Lee County.

Nick Batos

Originally Published in a Press Release

Village of Estero Council Member Nick Batos announced Saturday his candidacy for Lee County Board of County Commissioners, District 3, before the Community Forum on Our Quality of Life by Women for a Better Lee and Lee Future.

“I am running because I believe the future of Lee County is headed in the wrong direction,” Batos stated in a news release.

His vision is to improve water quality by reducing reliance on septic tanks, enforcing fertilizer regulations and protecting wetlands, he said.

He also does not support the reduced level of impact fees, which were approved by the current county commission, the release states.

“Growth should pay for growth. We need to reinstate the 100% impact fees for roads, parks and schools,” Batos said.

Batos, a lifelong Republican, is serving his second term on the Village of Estero Council representing District 6.

As a Chairman of the Estero Council of Community Leaders, he led the effort to incorporate the Village of Estero in 2014 and was selected to serve as the Village’s first mayor, the release states.

Since moving to Florida in 2002, Batos has been actively involved with protecting the environment while helping guide smart growth to the community.

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