LAST CHANCE: Ask Governor DeSantis to Veto HB 7103

Today (June 28, 2019) is the last day to contact Governor DeSantis and ask him to veto HB 7103. This bill will limit Florida’s local affordable housing rules and is being called the “death knell for growth management in Florida.” 1000 Friends of Florida wrote an open letter to Governor DeSantis urging him to veto the bill and outlining the many reasons why HB 7103 is so destructive. Lee Future joins them in their opposition of this bill and encourages you to read their email below.

Originally Released by 1000 Friends of Florida

HB 7103 has just been transmitted to Gov. DeSantis.

Please join us in urging the Governor to VETO HB 7103.

You can contact him by calling during business hours at (850) 717-9337 or reaching him via email at

1000 Friends of Florida’s veto request letter to Gov. DeSantis outlines in detail the many reasons why HB 7103 is so destructive. But in a nutshell, citizen challenges are the major way to ensure that local comprehensive plans for managing growth are upheld. With HB 7103, the Florida Legislature made citizens and others liable for attorney fees should their challenges not prove successful.

In effect, the average citizen will no longer be able to afford the risk of challenging poor local planning and development decisions.

At a time when Florida needs to better manage the impacts of growth and development, urge Gov. DeSantis to uphold the right of citizens to have meaningful a say in their community’s future and VETO HB 7103.

Florida’s future quality of life depends on you.

Visit 1000 Friends’ HB 7103 webpage to find out more.

Spread the word by sharing with your friends, family, and neighbors.

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