Lee Future Urges You to Vote in All the 2020 Elections

As part of our mission, Lee Future is committed to keeping all the residents of Lee County informed, in a non-partisan way, about your opportunities to participate in all elections of candidates who will have an impact on Lee County’s future quality of life.

The following document “Planning Your Involvement in the 2020 Presidential Election Year” is the first in a series of timely articles that will advise you and all our subscribers and followers about each 2020 Registration, Vote by Mail and Early Voting opportunity and related procedures.

We encourage all of you to share each of these stories with all of your friends, neighbors etc. using all of the media that you routinely use.

Planning Your Involvement in the 2020 Presidential Election Year

Presidential Election Years in Florida are different, we can vote in 3 elections, rather than the usual two elections, a Primary election and a General Election.

The Presidential Preference Primary Election

Our first 2020 election is the Presidential Preference Primary on March 17th, just 66 days from now.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Election Day is no longer the beginning and end of an Election; it is the end of a 30+ day election that starts with the distribution of the Vote by Mail ballots. Currently about 70% of Lee County voters Vote by Mail prior to Early Voting and Election Day.

As a result, many Presidential Preference Primary voters will get their ballots in the mail less than a month from now.

Since President Trump has no serious competition and the Democrats still have 13 or 14 candidates competing for their Presidential Nomination, this election is likely to be most interesting for Lee County’s 125,000 registered Democrats.

The Democratic and Republican Primary Elections

Florida is a Closed Primary State which means that only the 125,000 registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic Primary election and only the 197,000 registered Republicans can vote in the Republican Primary Election.

Although Election Day for these two elections is August 18th, voting in these two elections begins as early as July 10th, only 6 months from now.

Since this election is in the middle of the summer, participation is greatly enhanced by recruiting as many Lee county voters as possible to cast their ballots using “Vote by Mail” ballots.

Since all the members of the Lee County Board and all our State and Federal House and Senate legislative members are Republicans, most of the excitement will be in the Republican Primary.

The General Election

All of Lee County’s 465,000 registered voters can participate in the General Election that starts as early as September 25th and ends on Election Day, November 3rd. To learn how to Vote by Mail in Lee County click on the following link to the Supervisor of Elections website: https://lee.electionsfl.org/Vote-by-Mail/Vote-by-Mail-Information

The focus of this election will, no doubt, be on the Presidential contest, that has been decided in Florida by a very small margin in the last several Presidential Elections. Neither of the United States Senators are up for reelection this year, but all the US Congresspersons, many state legislators and numerous County, school and other officials will be chosen in this election.


Only persons who are citizens of the State of Florida and are registered to vote in Florida may vote in these elections. Lee County residents will have many opportunities to register to vote in 2020. They are:

  • From the present through February 18th
  • From March 18th to July 20th
  • From August 19th to October 5th

To learn how to Register to Vote in Lee County click on the following link to the  Supervisor of Elections website: https://www.lee.vote/Voter-Resources/How-do-I-register-to-Vote

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