Protect Our Environment: Speak Out Against DCI2018-10023

Lee County is currently considering a request to rezone over 112 acres of land from Agricultural (AG-2) to Community Facilities Planned Development (CFPD). The proposed zoning change (case # DCI2018-10023) would allow for the construction of a Solid Waste Transfer Station on protected lands. Moreover, the Green Meadow Road property is located in the DR/GR and a panther protection zone, neighboring Conservation 20/20 / Wild Turkey Strand Preserve.

Lee Future joins in the community’s opposition of this proposal.

We need your support to speak out against DCI2018-10023.
Attend the Zoning Hearing TOMORROW:
Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 9:00am
Hearing Examiner’s Office
1500 Monroe St., Room 218
Fort Myers, FL 33901

While previously limited to 3 minutes, the Hearing Examiner has reopened the record to allow for another round of unlimited public comment. Several local property owners will be coming together to voice their opposition. They plan to challenge the egregious issues with placing a waste facility on this parcel. However, they will need the support of their local community behind them!

We cannot stand by and witness yet another threat to our local environment and wildlife.

Join your neighbors! Speak out against DCI2018-10023.

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  1. Donna (Williams) Buckley on July 30, 2019 at 6:43 pm

    I lived on Devore Lane, Lee County, FL for twenty-two years before I sold the property to my son in 2003. Before that, I boarded my horses on Alico Road at Green Meadow. This area has been a protected area for wildlife because of the apparent danger to extinction of their species. It is my heartfelt desire that you would consider a location other than changing the zoning (Case DG12018-10023). We must be good stewards of our land and wildlife.

  2. Monica Ross on July 30, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    I will not be able to attend tomorrow but previously went on the record at the first hearing. My name is Monica Ross and have lived on Devore lane for 4 years.
    This area is teeming with so much wildlife that we have been told is endangered or protected for a long time.
    This week I had a bear in the yard. We frequently have bobcats, panthers and so many different kinds of birds. It is profoundly wrong to destroy such a sensitive area when it is not necessary.
    The place to add a new water treatment facility is next to “ The Place” since they are the going to be the biggest contributors.
    As for the solid waste transfer station, this is not the area. We are on the brink of untouched wilderness and surrounded by 20/20 and protected wetland. Are we really going to put a trash facility right next to a wet land?
    If this happens there will never again be another reason for a county official to come in this area and say that we, the residents, are doing something to harm this “sensitive” area.
    You will have lost that right in exchange for a land swap that no doubt benefited someone.

    Lastly, there is far too many trucks on this road. The lawyers were quick to point out how few children use the bus in this area but I wonder how many, like myself, take my son to school? It is not safe to have a bus stop on that road.
    I sincerely hope that a new and different plan is made for this proposed facility. I also would invite a decision maker or two to join me on a horse back ride where you can see up close what is about to be destroyed.

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