“Troubled Waters” debut

From our partners at SCCF (Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation)

Originally published in the April 2020 newsletter of Calusa Waterkeepers

Troubled Waters

Highly-requested online viewings of TROUBLED WATERS are now available for your stay-at-home viewing pleasure! Calusa Waterkeeper has brought forward the online release of TROUBLED WATERS from its planned June release.

The world’s leading experts – Dr. Paul Alan Cox, Dr. Walter Bradley, Dr. James Metcalf, Dr. Elijah Stommel, Dr. Larry Brand, Dr. Mike Parsons, Dr. David A.Davis, Adam Schaefer, our own Waterkeeper John Cassani and so many more – all willingly joined our landmark documentary, TROUBLED WATERS to inform our community of the public health risks associated with HABs.

In Water News

Massive Raw Sewage Spill in Fort Myers

For about a year, Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani has been wondering why fecal bacteria readings in water samples he’s taken from the Caloosahatchee tributary have been “off the charts.” Now he thinks he knows why. What appears to be a chronic slow leak in Fort Myers sewage lines turned into a gusher at the city’s lift station No. 5 at the intersection of U.S. 41 and Canal Street and resulted in a 183,000 gallon spill.

Denial of Chiquita Lock Removal Permit Upheld in Final Order by FDEP FDEP Secretary Noah Valenstein rejected the permit that the agency previously said it would approve. The order issued from Valenstein represents the DEP’s final decision on the matter and supersedes a November 2018 announcement that it would issue the permit.

‘Clean Waterways Act’ Passes Florida Senate; What Does it Mean for the State?

A new Senate Bill aims to make our waterways cleaner and keep them that way. CWK John Cassani supports parts of the bill, saying, “I think what it boils down to is… does the state of Florida have the political will to effectively implement the legislation so that it’s something more than words on paper?”

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